Core Values

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Integrity and Accountability

Know who you are, 
say who you are, be who you are.

Integrity and accountability are the central themes in how we communicate, behave, lead, and manage, as individuals and as an organisation.

We encourage honesty.

We endeavour to live up to the expectations we set and do what we say we’re going to do.

Continual Improvement

We learn, we grow, we achieve,
and we succeed – share learning together.

We are committed to employee training, professional and personal development, and providing ongoing opportunities for learning and new skill development.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, we encourage the sharing of knowledge and expertise.


Maintain mutual respect

We recognise and respect that each individual plays a vital role with our customers, suppliers and our company. By reciprocating fairness and respect we will build a rewarding work environment.

We act with courtesy, consideration and professionalism towards each other and whenever we represent our company.

Team Spirit

Working together for collective success through engender teamwork.

For us to succeed, we must work together with a shared sense of purpose and responsibility.

We work together in a collaborative manner to help support each other as a team.

The Vizstone teams are aware of the different role each of us plays in contributing to our team’s success.

We recognize and acknowledge each other’s capabilities and contribution, which drive our team’s success and innovative results and fresh ideas.