Does the Australian Privacy Act impact YOUR business?


Does the Australian Privacy Act impact YOUR business?

Author: Website Admin
Date: 9th May 2016

The Australian Privacy Principles unifies the Privacy Law in Australia, setting a new standard for the handling of Personal Information (PI). It has been mandated that organisations must provide written notification of the accidental disclosure of PI.

With organisations moving toward the cloud and mobile channels, the increased risk of information disclosure and fraudulent activity will mean organisations need to employ methods to enhance visibility into the use and outflow of PI throughout their organisation.


  • Who can access customer or non-organisational PI in your organisation?
  • Do you have controls in place to restrict access to this information?
  • Do these controls encompass stronger levels of authentication, such as one-time password or risk-based technologies?

RSA SecurID authenticators help organisations protect private information and assure identities of people, devices and applications exchanging that information.

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